Multi Strategy Asset Management Accelerator

The Skills That You Need for the career that you want.

Our Multi-Strategy Asset Management (MSAM) Accelerator is as real world as it gets for young people seeking to learn whilst doing and gain those skills and work experience they are lacking.

Founded by former Goldman Sachs Executive Director Christopher Clarke, MSAM is a place where you get the knowledge, skills and experience you need for the career you want.






For those pursuing flexible access to our multi-strategy asset management accelerator then why not become one of our satellite investment portfolio managers – use industry-standard software, invest and trade in a simulated way – but get your track record professionally put together with your monthly performance and details in front of employers through our network and partners.

Also, access our training sessions conducted by industry professionals and understand how to be taken seriously by potential employers – no promises of gimmicky returns and optimised approaches!

Click here to see an example of a monthly update we put together for some of our Satellite Investment Managers.


Welcome to MSAM

MSAM (Multi-Strategy Asset Management) is a Global Career Accelerator sandbox environment that allows young people the experience of working inside a large financial institution.

Through a blend of simulated and real-world experience young people gain knowledge, skills, and work experience, to help them get the careers they want in the global financial services industry.

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Kickstart your career – get the experience, skills, and network that you need.

If you are thinking of going to university, already at university, or simply looking for new skills and work experience to help you change your career path, then simply contact Global Career Accelerators to find out how you can be involved in this exciting project.

​If you are interested in a career in investing and trading in financial markets (investment management, investment banking, hedge funds, independent trading), or in digital marketing, data science, risk management, accountancy, compliance and regulation, including specialist areas such as fintech, crypto – then we have tailored programmes to get you the experience you need.

​Think of MSAM as a place where an internship meets a ”boot-camp” for careers. Students and young people, already in employment or still at university, are signing up with us to enhance their chances and gain an edge in their search for a career in the global financial services industry and in other related businesses.

​We partner with industry firms to deliver real-world training and the ability for you to learn whilst doing.

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“From the support of Global Career Accelerators, and the input and advise from industry professionals associated, I am now far more confident of achieving within the finance industry. I would highly recommend others interested in any discipline of finance to take the opportunity Global Career Accelerators provides, it has certainly propelled my career far higher in such a short period of time. A truly life changing experience that will reap rewards as I begin my first steps into a career.”
Thomas Keene – University of Sussex.